Haunted Hiking in Malheur Butte, Malheur County, Oregon

Content provided by Jenny Holt who can be reached at jennyholtwriter@gmail.com Malheur Butte is one of Oregon's most haunted locations. In Southeastern Oregon is Malheur County, which has a population of about 31,000. Malheur in French means tragedy or misfortune, which is fitting considering the dark history of the ... More

Alsea Falls Spring Fling

WOW! March in Oregon is a mixed bag and this year proved to continue the rain that has piled on us in 2017! The trails at Alsea Falls Dry out well, that is if we get 2-3 days of dry weather which has escaped us for the most part in 2017. This year from 5am on sheets of rain turned the course into quite a challenge for ... More

Marys Peak 50K


Hell of the Northwest