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Marys Peak Trail Run – 50 mile, 50k or 25k

June 16

maryspeak50k-199logo-2Welcome to the Marys Peak Trail Run

June 16th, 2018 Blodgett, Oregon

50 Miler, 50k or 25K




25K, 50K or 50 Mile Trail Ultra

Mary’s Peak Sits at 4097 ft above sea level making it the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range and beautiful in both stature and trail with roots and some steeper pitches to challenge the most veteran runner for the 50K and 50M.

This event starts from our staging area in Blodgett Oregon at the school for the 50k/25k with participants boarding a bus for a 15 Mile School Bus ride to the base of the Peak for the start of this Point to Point Trail Run.

Marys Peak is part of Siuslaw National Forest and features 50% of the overall route with the other portion of Starker Forest for the second part of the 50M and 50K. The 25K makes its way on 10% Marys Peak and 90% Starker Forest for an amazing 25K with not quite as much commitment.

The 50 Mile entries skip the bus ride for a double accent of Marys Peak for an Ultra to remember.

Trails are well marked with signage and distances to the next landmark and staffed by local volunteer groups.

All Entries are none refundable once accepted, and in the case of injury, we will transfer your entry to the next year until two weeks from the event day.

Special Thanks to Starker Forests and the USFS and the Siuslaw National Forest for the special use of this area and support of recreation. For over 25 years I have worked with Starker Forest in outdoor adventures and the USFS has been equally supportive of athletic aspirations. Please yield to other recreational users the day of the event and say hi and thanks! Much of the course is on private land, and an annual free permit is necessary to recreate any other time of the year and can be obtained by stopping by the Starker Forests office at 7240 SW Philomath Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97333.

Schedule of Events






Register HERE

50 Miler (Double accent on Marys Peak) No Bus ride

$95.00 through March 15th

$100.00 Until may 31st

$105.00 after


$75.00 through March 15th

$80.00 March 16 through May 31

After May 31 $85.00


$60.00 through March 15th

$65.00 March 16 through May 31

After May 31 $70.00

125 max spots for each Distance except 50 Miler (100 spots only)

Tech T Included until 6/1

Early Packet Pickup and Onsite Registration 

Friday, 2-5:30 pm at Five Star Sports Corvallis, Oregon 219 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333

Packet Pickup and registration the am of the event after 5:15 am at the Blodgett School 35177 Tum Tum Rd, park where indicated.

Bus Departure times, please be on time as if you miss your bus you miss your event

Google map of Blodgett area (Please note some icons listed represent a separate mountain bike event in April)

35177 Tum Tum Rd 20 minutes West of Corvallis off of HWY 20. Left turn to the Blodgett School

50 Miler starts from the Blodgett Elementary School  at 6:30 am


  • Buses will leave from Blodgett starting at 7:10 am and 7:15am for the 50K (20 Minute ride)
  • Start from Bus Drop off Point 8:15am


  • Buses will leave from Blodgett starting at 8:10 and 8:20 am for the 25K from the Blodgett School (20 Minute ride)
  • Start from Bus Drop off point 9:15am
    Check in is at the Blodgett School Gym starting at 5:30 am for the 50 milers and all others please check in 15-30 minutes prior to the Bus departure!

Please allow 10-15 minutes to park and walk to the gym
LINK to Blodgett School
Whats included:

Bus ride from Blodgett to the Base of Mary’s Peak (yes we will take your warm up gear back to the school)
Run-up and over Mary’s Peak for the 50K and back to Blodgett via Siuslaw National Forest and Starker Forest Private forest land and trails. Summit twice for the 50 Miler and 5000 ft of gain in the first 17 miles!

Tech T and Finisher Pint Glass (Size Guaranteed by ordering by June 1st) (Special finisher award for 50 milers)
Excellent support on course with one aid station every 10K or more (7 for the 50 milers 5 for the 50K and 2 for the 25K)
Post event meal and beverage with Meat and Veggie options
Custom Awards for top 3 in each category for the 50 Miler, 50K and 25K for men and women 19 and under, 20-29.30-39.40-49.50-59.60-69,70+ men and women
How hard is this Ultra?

Hard Enough, both the 50k and 50 miler climb quite a bit through lush NW coastal range forest. Do not go out too hard and please pace your effort for the hills that will come at you from mile 17 on for the 50K and mile 36 for the 50 milers. In 2016, everyone made the cut off for the 50K at 1:30 by 30 minutes.

Bikes Sweeps and Run Sweeps, radio communications and aid station support will be on the course to support your efforts. We will pick you up if you need a lift. Everyone gets my cell number before the event, and I do taxi service as necessary.

You can have your bib and packet mailed to you via online registration with tech t as well for additional cost. Please make sure to sign the waiver and check in before starting as we want to keep track of you!


Since you need to catch the Bus early in the am either drive to Blodgett from one of the Many Hotels in the area and or the best place to camp that is close is the Fir Ridge Campground, which is a 6-minute drive from Blodgett West on HWY 20. Other campgrounds are available off of HWY 34 and in the area, but are more of a drive to make the bus in the am.

LINK to Fir Ridge

Accommodations in Corvallis. From Corvallis, it is a simple 20 Minute drive


Where is Blodgett?

2:30 from PDX, 1.5 from Eugene and 25 minutes from Corvallis off of HWY 20 heading towards Newport. Look for signage as the Blodgett school and parking are off of the HWY 20 left hand to turn if coming from the east.


Spectator Info

Marys Peak is open to the public but has very limited access due to limited Parking to watch or support your 50K or 50Mile participant. This area has a pay station for day use only.

The rest of the course is remote and we do not want you to get lost trying to find your way into and around the woods.


Communications and Medical

All runners must be in good physical shape and or able to withstand the vigor of trail running. We will have communication at each of 6 aid stations along the way and also a variety of electrolyte drink and other goodies along the way including but not limited to Chips, electrolyte pills, cookies, Gels, Rice Crispie Treats, Trail Mix, PB and Jam Sandwiches. Medical supplies and basic first aid responders will be on hand, and the key to any event is checking in on other runners if you see they are struggling and reporting this to the next aid station. We will have some bikes and other personal at various points between the aid stations and sweeps to make sure all are accounted for on your way back to Blodgett for a post-event meal. If you have medical conditions that we need to know about, please send that info to me at mike@oregontrailruns.com, and we will make a note of it.

I personally will be on course in a white pickup during the event after 12pm in the later part of the course to monitor your progress and to Cheer you on.

Aid Stations

PB and J, Water and Electrolyte Drink and various goodies along the way including Salt Tabs, Vaseline, and chairs to relax in.

We are allowing a drop bag for all 50 mile and 50K participants to be dropped in the am for aid 1/3 for the 50K and Aid 1/3/5 for the 50 miles. This will allow you to collect those items that you may want for your Marys Peak portion of the event and allow your gear to be at the School by 3 pm or so. Please label all gear and take with you on the bus ride to the drop off the point. If you have shoes or other larger items please label appropriately and place in a draw string bag.

The stomach can be a strange thing when under stress so make sure to practice your nutritional refueling before the event on a training run.

What constitutes a drop bag 

50K and 50 Milers

A 1-gallon clear zip lock bag or a drawstring bag or very small cooler with your first and last name and Bib number on it. We will have labels when you pick up your packets to mark your drop bag and or use the gear check from the bib for additional identification.

Good things to place in drop bags include a light weight jacket and anti chaffing gear/tape/, etc. for feet or other areas.

Where will the bags be dropped?

Aid Station Alpha Aid 1/3 50K and Aid 1/3/5 50 Miler Northridge trailhead/Watershed rd base of Marys Peak, End of Woods Creek Road (This will ensure you get your gear back by 3 pm or so at the school), please bring drops on bus with you for the 50K and walk over to Aid Alpha after departing the drop point.

50 Mile participants drop your gear by 6:30 out in front of the school for transport to Aid Station Alpha Aid 1/3/5

Your Bib will have a gear check tag to attach to your 1-gallon zip lock bag or drawstring bag with your personal items

Cut Offs

In 2017, everyone made the cut off for the 50K at 1:30 by 30 minutes but with a 50 Miler on course we are not picky.

50 Miler

Mile 36 entering Starker Forest off Woods Creek 3:30 pm (This position is 2.3 miles downstream from aid station Alpha and Justin)

Mile 39 aid Charlie 6 Supertree 5:00 pm (9:30 into the event with a super hard section coming up over Mohawk Trail) This is a place where you can bail also, 3 miles back to the school

The section after aid  6 DELTA is deceptive and tough so please hydrate well!

Mile 45.1 6:30pm final aid station Delta (12:00 Hrs in or 6:30pm) Once you make this you are home free or almost 5 miles to go




50K course cuts 4pm at Aid Station Charlie (Plenty of time!)

Mile 13.7 base of Northridge 1 pm 4 hrs in at aid 3 Alpha  This is 4.5 hrs of running time

Mile 21 at Aid Charlie Aid  4pm at Aid Station Charlie (Plenty of time!) (please notify the aid captain if you want to leave the course for the 3-mile trip back)

The section after aid 4 is deceptive and tough so please hydrate well!

Mile 27 Final Aid Delta at 6:30 pm (You’re almost home)



Refund Policy

All Entries are none refundable once accepted, and in the case of injury, we will transfer your entry to the next year up until two weeks from the event day. We do offer a 50% refund up until two months from the event day for those who can’t attend for other circumstances.


Each event many volunteers areas needed and if you can volunteer you can get someone into the event for free! Just E-mail volunteer@oregontrailruns.com to work at an aid station or sweep run part of the course. Also, if getting a friend into the race is not needed Oregon Trail Runs will donate 50.00 back to your favorite Charity if you just want to come out and help. Thanks for the support! Volunteer link will be posted on January 1st. If you have a local NPO or community group that would like to staff one of these aid stations, Oregon Trail Runs offers 400.00 to staff on course positions. Most positions are 5-6 Hrs!

Early Start

None for a few reasons and thank you to all who have asked about this. First, their is a species on Mary’s Peak that does not like to be disturbed until after 8am and second since we are busing you to the start line. We have yet to have someone miss a cut and those that do know its not their day and ask for a ride.

Lost and found

All items will be brought back to the school from the aid stations post event. Please label any clothing that you think you may end up leaving at an aid station if we have a warm day. We do not 100% guarantee that someone will not mistakenly grab your stuff, but feel 95% confident that it will come back to ya!


Awards will be at 3 pm for the 50K and 3 pm for the 25K top 3 in each custom division medals for ten year age groups.

Men and Women

U 18, 19-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70+

Awards for the 50 Mile will be after the 50K/25K awards as soon as 70% finish the run. If you have to leave, please pick up your medal before leaving.


e-mail mike@oregontrailruns.com Not recommended overall as you would have to find your way to Checkpoint Charlie or Delta and that is alot to keep track of if you get lost.

You could Volunteer For Checkpoint Charlie and in that case we could make sure you are accounted for.

Results (Right top corner for each year)

Course maps

50 Mile 9400 ft of Gain

50K 5400 ft of Gain (3000 ft in the first 8 miles) Over 6000 in descending! (This portion of the 50K represents the Marys Peak ascent and descent) Please refer to the 25K map for the second half of the event

25K 2500 ft of Gain and over 3000 in descending!

More Details


7 Full aid stations, 9 water stops event starts at 7am

Distances between for 50 Miler

Start at Blodgett School

Aid 1 Alpha 9.5 (Base of Northridge Trail) (Drop Bags)

Aid 2 Bravo Mile 18 Marys Peak East Ridge (before descent)

Water Mile 20 and 26 East Ridge in and out on watershed rd (From aid 2 to East Ridge is Forest road)

Aid 3 Alpha Mile 24 end woods creek (Base of Northridge Trail) (Drop Bags) 

At this point you turn around and now are on the 50K loop back to the top!

Aid 4 Bravo Mile 30 Marys Peak East Ridge Again prior to the Northridge Descent

Aid 5 Alpha  Mile 33 End of Northridge prior to Lower Northridge (Drop Bags) 

Mile 36 enter Private land (Cut off) (Permit required free anytime other than the event from Starker Forest)

Aid 6  Charlie Super Tree Mile 40 and bail out point Cut off 4:30 pm

Water top Root Down Mile 41

Aid 7 Delta Mile 45 prior to Collarbone alley

Watch for road crossings on the way home back to the School

50K (Distance between)

Aid Alpha 1  @3.4 Miles

Aid Bravo 2  @7 Miles  (Steady Climb up Watershed road to east Ridge) see TBT and maps

Aid 3 Alpha  @3.5 Miles (Bag Drop area for 50K) Steep descent

Aid 4  Charlie Supertree* and bailout 5.5 Miles

Neutral aid #2 up Roots down   2.5 Miles* (very tough climb)

Aid 5 Delta*  @4 Miles

FINISH  4.8 MILES at Blodgett School

50K Turn By Turn


25K (Distance between)


Neutral aid #2 up Roots down   2.5 Miles* (very tough climb)

AID 2 Delta  @4 Miles

FINISH  4.5 Miles at Blodgett School

Please refer to After Mile 13.7 for the 50K for 25K route from start



Jun 22, 2014 11:19 AM Comment:
Thanks Mike and crew for a super race. The course was awesome! Tough, beautiful, well marked and the Aid stations and crew were great. That was my fist Ultra and I’m glad I had the opportunity to make it my first. Holy smokes, that was a lot of climbing. The technical trails were exactly what I was hoping to experience. The roots and rocks are part of trail running and I liked it. Thanks to Jeff P. for coming back down the trail to offer me yet another Electrolyte pill. Trail runners are the best! See ya all next year. Peace out!

Jun 22, 2014 6:39 AM Comment:
I forgot to say that Ben Wood, stranger til we met at mile 22?, was fantastic. Not sure if I would not have laid down and waited for the turkey buzzards had we not prompted each other to the end. What a guy to have just come from Korea (with injured back) and enter this race. His wife did the 25K (without injured back) but trained in Seoul during their teaching year. Amazing! I will always be thankful to have had him in those last miles and hoursssssssss. Love trail runners!

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June 16
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Blodgett, OR
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