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Details on some general and specific information on trail running and Oregon Trail Runs.


Oregon Trail Runs is the running wing of Mudslinger Events and is owned and operated by my family which includes Mike Ripley, Andi Ripley and our 3 daughters, Myka, Rya and Phebe.  We are based out of Monroe, Oregon and our goal is to provide a great course and fun for any range of runner in your family. I personally love the outdoors and am active in trail work state wide including the trail system at Alsea Falls contributing 100’s of hours per year to this trail system as well as others in the area.


Dressing for the conditions is important along with the proper shoes and preparation. A good rain jacket, light weight gloves and hydration belt or bottle are highly recommended.

We do have an EMT on site and radio communication/cell phones at each aid station for all events. Please take special notice of all the roots and uneven trail conditions as you make your way on any course!

In the event you find someone hurt on course please alert the nearest aid station so we can drive in and get to the injured person. Some of the courses are remote and search and rescue can take 2 hrs or more to get to your location after being dispatched from the nearest location in the event the injured person cannot be moved.


Aid Stations:

Typically every 2-6 miles

Type of Aid/food available: Water, Electrolyte Drink, Vaseline, first aid, and a variety of food depending on the distance of the course and distance from the start. No Steak dinner 3 miles from the start line!

Every event has special circumstances that warrant more aid stations and that could be a 3 mile hill or unusually demanding portion of the course that would necessitate an aid station for hydration, but also for general safety of all participants.

Please consider purchasing a hydration pack or hydration bottle/or hip mounted running belt to use and help Oregon Trail Runs be Cup free by 2016!

Finish Food:

This will vary from Fruit and Chips/Cookies to a meal for longer events. In some cases the meal is provided with entry or may be added with registration. We do try to provide a post race beverage where acceptable and encourage you to drink any post event beverage in a responsible manner.

Tech T’s

Included with some special events and or available for purchase. While we like to offer both long and short sleeve options, in some events only one type may be offered.


Oregon Trail Runs works with local non-profits donating a portion from each entry to support there mission and to engage others in the outdoors. Please contact me if you wish to fund raise for your non-profit through Oregon Trail Runs.


What makes any run great? Answer…..Happy and helpful volunteers and we always need help that includes:

  • Aid station
  • Sweep runners and cyclists when allowed
  • Registration and or tear down after the event

Want to run for free? e-mail volunter@oregontrailruns.com and bring a friend early to assist with a day of activity. Volunteers will be entered into any raffle and receive an event shirt as well when available and post event food and a very big THANKS!

Eco Friendly:

Oregon Trail Runs highly encourages you to Carpool and purchase a hydration Belt or Pack that can be refilled from our BPA free containers. While we feel the necessity to purchase disposable cups for aid stations we will be generally moving away from this practice as we see fit and or purchasing 100% recycled cups where available for participants and recycling post event. We purchase 90% of our food from Costco or in bulk to avoid extra packaging and when available will purchase local produce and use local catering and suppliers for any and all event supplies.


Oregon Trail Runs Chip times most events or uses webscorer


Can I walk or do you allow an early start?

YES! Please see the individual event for early start times. Even the best trail runners at times have to walk to preserve energy and or the grade does not allow for running, and we completely encourage it!

Trail markings

Worried about getting lost? This is the #1 concern at any trail run other than aid station placement.

Courses are marked with Chalk or flour, white Oregon Trail Run Ribbons and arrows telling you to turn and or confirming that you are going the right way. Corners are marked before and conformation markings are added after each turn. Ribbons are generally placed on the side of the turn and multiple ribbons are used to be as obnoxious as possible. Conformation markings on long stretches are placed approximatly each 1/2 mile and aid station ahead signs are placed within 1/2 to 1/4 mile of the approaching aid station.

Gear List

This section only represents a basic list.

  • Trail Shoes (good traction for trail)
  • Hydration Bottle or pack/belt for water and or electrolyte drink
  • Gels and or your special food
  • Light weight jacket if rain is forcasted
  • Technical shirt (wicking material) LINK to a nice trail run shirt from Pategonia
  • LINK to a Top 10 list…..you will have your own customized very soon
  • Change of Clothes after and some recovery drink for after to replace lost calories and provide essential nutrients to bounce back from your effort quicker. My favorite recovery drink is Recoverite 


Photographers on Course

Depending on the event we will post a link to the photos that are available for purchase and or for free to keep and post and share. Make sure to smile and get your best side when a photographer is spotted.

Dogs at events

Can I bring my dog to the trail run?

Unfortunately no, unless I put on a dog trail run. Dogs are awesome until they trip another runner on course. If you do bring a dog to the event, please keep them on leash and clean up after any doggie mess.


More to come and see you on the trail